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Sir Jonathan and Company LLP ( SJC) is  a trusted professional Accountants and Business professional firm offering a world-class Forensic Investigations, Audit & Assurance services, Risk management, Advisory, Taxation and Consulting Activities.
Vision Statement
To be the leading business advisors and accountants in East Africa in offering lasting and tangible solutions to clients.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide affordable value addition services to organizations to enable them to achieve lasting value and remain competitive in global business environment .
Core values Our
core values define what we stand for. They are the foundation for how we do business in a responsible and sustainable way. The following are our key core values.

a) Client Focus: We strive to add value to our Client’s projects by looking at the big picture and finding the best solution for their situation. We ensure that we have accurately identified our Client’s needs and desires so that we can meet them.

b) Accountability: At the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility. Therefore, we value the ability of our staff and organization to work diligently and honor our commitments.  We will also take responsibility for our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible.

c) Professionalism: Professionalism is the culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, diligence, and cooperation related to how we provide our services and work with each other. It is essential to leave our clients with a positive view of our entire organization.

d) Integrity: We will act with honesty and integrity and practice the highest ethical, moral and Legal standards in what we are after, every time, all the time and no matter where it might be hidden. We will always be responsive, keep our promises and fulfill our commitments.