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SJC provides high-quality value-added professional audit & assurance services to clients both in the public and private sectors. We offer insightful suggestions and assistance, ultimately contributing to the success of our clients.

We carry out our audit & assurance service to ensure that organizations’ financial statements show a true & fair view and comply with regulatory standards guiding the presentation of information to the Regulators, Shareholders, Board of Directors, Management, and interested users of the financial statements.

In addition, our audit approach is to carry out a risk-based audit approach system, which apart from satisfying the primary objective of reporting on business and financial statements, also aims at identifying problems associated with record keeping to which we offer appropriate solutions.  We provide the following Audit & Assurance Services among others:

  • Special Audit & Investigation
  • Reporting Accounting & Due diligence
  • Value for Money Audit
  • Internal Audit & Risk Management Outsourcing
  • Transaction & System Review Audit
  • Special Investigation, Reconciliation & Recovery